February 24, 2014

Summer Through Mediocre iPhone Photos

Autumn/fall (I am constantly finding myself using American counterparts for Australian things) is in four days?! The other day it was windy and cold and we had a torrential downpour. I even contemplated buying tights?! So naturally, in the spirit of summer ending for another year, I felt the need to reflect on my last summer as a teenager (*sobs quietly*).

February 12, 2014

City Slicker

Last week I met up with one of my friends, Stefan for a little photo shoot in the city. I met Stefan during O-Week last year when my friends and I participated in a 'speed friend making' activity that has proved to be quite useful! We shot around some of my favourite places in the city, while we tried to stay in the shade and out of the harsh heat. 

Thank you so much to Stefan for styling himself and being such a gracious male model.