June 10, 2014

I'm Not Quite Sure What I'm Going To Call This Yet...

Last year I went through a sort of existential crisis. This isn't uncommon for me, I've been having existential crises since I was about five because I'm really curious about the afterlife and just about what everything means, dude. 

Anyway, it kind of just hit me that I will never get to experience high school again. Unless of course I return as a bored middle-aged art/english teacher, which I have in fact thought about because being a teacher seems easier than anything else I'm trying to do right now. 

June 7, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

(AGFA Isolette camera gifted by Paul for my sixteenth birthday. Taken in 2010)

I’ve been having in-between feelings about this blog here. I really enjoy sharing my work in this space but I wish I could share more; not just photographs but things that are important to me, work that inspires me, artists that I could interview.

I’ve been feeling very conflicted about where I want to take this space. We live in a very commercial world. Many of the blogs and instagram accounts I follow seem to be so…produced. Photographs and text are planned out to the most minute of details. Items are arranged into perfect showcases, bragging to you about all of the designer/luxury items you do not own and probably never will. Pretty girls roam about the world as though there is no money involved and pose in front of big city view windows to the level where everything just looks the same. It has gotten to the point where I feel like nothing is worth sharing unless it is perfectly crafted or contains the latest and greatest fashion/beauty trends and it feels like if you’re not a model or a very attractive man, you’re not worth paying attention to. It seems as though everyone subscribes to their own perfect niche and there is no room to break out of a preconceived category.

June 3, 2014


Hello! I'm sorry for the recent quietness, it feels like I've been buried under a pile of homework for a long, long time. I've still got exams, so bear with me over the next couple of weeks while I attempt to get those done.

I haven't been photographing people recently, which is strange and refreshing for me. I've been watching a lot of awesome documentaries that are inspiring me in all of the right ways and I'm learning so much. The photos that I'm sharing with you today are some images I've taken over the past couple of weeks.