December 17, 2014

Before The Storm


Wow. Hello!
Where did those last two weeks go?
I honestly can't tell you what I've been spending my time on because I've just been SO busy. Everything is flying past me in a flurry of red and green. 

I've had a full diary since the beginning of this month and now I'm finding myself, a week before Christmas eve, with absolutely none of my Christmas shopping done and a computer filled with shoots I'm working on.

Last Monday I shot a few portfolio images for the lovely Johanna who I was lucky enough to go to school with. I always get really excited when old school friends contact me to take some photos of them. As a photographer, I sort most people I meet in life into two categories: people I'd like to photograph as models and people who I would like to photograph because they're just genuinely nice or interesting.

December 1, 2014

Summer by the Seaside


My favourite thing about summer by the sea is the fact that it doesn't get too hot. I've spent the majority of my life welcoming summer each year with hot, sticky weather with nothing but a public pool to cool off in. Now that I live by the sea, I get to go to my favourite beaches to swim. Most of them are pretty quiet which is a huge bonus!