January 28, 2014

365: Week 3 & 4

First up, sorry for being a bit MIA recently. I've been away for a holiday with my family for two weeks to Sydney and Merimbula. Although I asked to stay at places that had wifi, we had a very small limit per day that I needed to use primarily for my college course work as I'm taking a couple of summer subjects.

It was nice to get away for a little while, although it didn't feel like much of a holiday with all of the studying I was doing. I really enjoyed staying in Canberra more than Merimbula. Every night I went for a jog along the lake in Canberra and the water was amazing, it moved like silk and reflected the colours of the sunset.

Anyway, here are a few holiday snaps that I took as part of my 365 project!

Above is day 13: Our first night in Canberra and the sun setting on the National Library

January 13, 2014

The Makery

At the end of last month I attended The Makery, a small little market curated by Oktoberdee owner, Lauren. It opened a couple of weeks before Christmas and featured so many beautiful and unique products. I interviewed a few people from the market for my journalism assignment. I was thinking of sharing it here but as it is a newspaper article it's a fairly dry read.
The market featured local Geelong and Surf Coast creatives who all design and/or create their amazing products. It was hosted at the Boom Gallery along the river. I'd never been there prior to the market and I was really impressed! The space was light and industrial, perfectly complimenting the products on offer. The onsite cafe catered delicious treats and fine wine.
My article focused on how the creative markets and businesses in Geelong are often overlooked by our bigger counterparts in Melbourne. The Makery showcased that across the bay, we are so lucky to have so many creative people doing what they love on a local level! The internet is making it so much easier to communicate and expand. I'm really looking forward to going to more local markets this year!
Also I big thank you to my gorgeous friend Evelyn for giving me a wealth of information for my little assignment and pointing me in all of the right directions!

January 12, 2014

365: Week Two

Day 6: Paul got a new phone and still hasn't put it down. He's a little bit obsessed but it does so many cool things like being a universal remote for any TV and automatically merges contacts with the same name. It's also very, very pretty!

January 6, 2014

Drop By Drawing At The NGV

Yesterday I caught up with some lovely ladies who I met at Rookie day last year while Tavi Gevinson was in town!
We went to a Drop By Drawing session at the NGV where the super lovely Minna Gilligan was hosting a two hour drawing workshop. It was truly inspiring being in a beautiful big room with other people all drawing furiously on their little easels. We were surrounded by beautiful 17th century paintings that were larger than life. I absolutely adore classic portraiture and I'm always marvelling at the light in the pictures. Minna was such a gracious host who made everyone feel more than welcome! I sketched a few pictures, one of Natasha, a little caricature of Adele and I tired to emulate the lighting on some of the satin dresses but failed miserably.
After the drawing workshop, we wandered around the first half of the Melbourne Now exhibition which had some incredibly inspiring photography! A photographer literally threw hundreds of paper planes in and around the Latrobe Reading Room at the State Library and I'm still baffled about how he got permission to orchestrate it. My favourite part was the dance floor because I just loved the different lights and the way they flashed and the reflections on the ceiling and walls.

January 5, 2014

365: Week One

First 365 photo post! Hurrah! 
Day 1: It got to 6pm and I had already forgotten about my photo challenge, whoops! Little Tollie is always willing to pose for my photographs, even if he sometimes gives me a face that is almost saying 'Really? You want to take more photos of me?!'

January 3, 2014

Thoughts and Resolutions for the New Year

I spent bringing in the new year by working fifteen hours. I sold shoes all day and spent the last six hours bent over a sink washing dishes for three hundred people, in a kitchen overlooking the ocean in Lorne. It was hard work but rewarding. Just before midnight, we got given complimentary drinks from the bar and headed out to the balcony, leaving a very messy kitchen behind for a few moments as we saw the small fireworks signify then end of 2013 and the start of the new year.
I've been a bit quiet these past few months, mostly because I've been busy working but also because I truthfully needed the break. I'm battling through a phase of feeling uninspired which I feel is slowly but surely passing as the days tick by. I've been ditching my camera for my iPhone more and more and although I enjoy taking photographs with my phone, a part of me misses carrying my camera with me everywhere.