June 26, 2013


When I lived in the country, frosts during winter were a common occasion. The dewy magic became something I took for granted and I saw it more as a bother than something completely beautiful. I remember one year there was a night where the temperature dropped to minus seven degrees. Everything was frozen over, it's been the closes to snowing than I've seen. Our water wasn't working, our heater barely defrosted our icy feet and noses and my fish tank had frozen over, freezing my poor siamese fighting fish called, Angel, in mid swim.

June 18, 2013


Warning: The following pictures may just be too cute for you to handle.

Way back in October last year, I shot this beautiful baby girl when she was only one month old. She wasn't very fond of having a camera poked at her face, becoming restless after one little shot being taken.

June 1, 2013

Glenn & Becky

I love, love. 
As cliche as that sentence is, it is incredibly true.