January 5, 2012


This year sees a change in many things for me. I'm in my final year of high school. This is a dreaded year for all senior students. It's the one year we get to prove to the world that we are smart enough to do the course we desire, it's the one year that our thirteen years of schooling count, it's the one year that can rip apart our lives and glue them back together the wrong way. To say I'm not worried about this year is a lie. Although I had a taste of what life would be like once the term starts, last year, I feel burnt out. School is no longer my priority. It's on the back burner, something that I have to do, but not something I want to do. I've worked hard at my studies ever since I was young, aspiring to be the smartest in my year level, like my mother, and aspiring not to drop out, like my father. However, I have new interests in my life that seem, and I know, are far more important than my education.