October 25, 2012


The two days I've been looking forward to most this year, have come and gone like the past 18 years of my life. Very, very fast. The two days were a whirlwind of emotion, relief, utter exhaustion and happiness. I spent the time reflecting on my life at the school I graduated from, and the one I left back in the country in year 9. I received beautiful messages from best friends and strangers wishing me luck, some of which, brought me to tears.

October 14, 2012

Sven, from Malta

A timid little person approached me while I was photographing with friends in Hosier Lane, in Melbourne, a couple of weeks ago. He politely asked me what I was doing. I asked him if I could take his photo and he replied saying, only if I can pose for you. He told me he was from Malta but had lived in St Kilda for some ten years. His accent was strong and thick but with a unwavering sense of unease in his throat. He smiled, greatly into the camera, his smile making his cheeks bunch up around his eyes, skin crinkling from years of laughing in his home country. I told him how I thought he looked lovely and he said that he liked my dress a lot. I told him to relax, and feel comfortable infront of the camera. I told him to think about his family in Malta and how much he misses him. He told me about how they gathered around a big wooden table each night to share a meal with three generations, and I hoped that one day I could cook a meal for that many people and be completely surrounded by my family. He thanked me for taking his photo, we shook hands and parted without anything more than a name and a small memory in time. 
Some people are truly beautiful.

October 10, 2012

Week Five

I love eyes. Happy eyes, weeping eyes, eyes crinkled with laughter, emotions conveyed through eyes. When I was in Melbourne on Tuesday, last week, my boyfriend's brother came down and took a couple of pictures of us, together as friends. It was while we were making moustaches with our hair and fingertips that I realised how long I had felt as happy as I did that day. I had missed both of my friends, who live in the country, and it was nice being with them both again. It still feels like we're at high school together, giggling at lunchtime over green apples and paddle pops. I often wonder what it would be like if I didn't move to the city. It was while we were laughing at ourselves, I noticed Molly's eyes. They had a clarity that I had rarely seen before, almost translucent, like I could peer into the depth of her soul. It was a comforting feeling, an open feeling. I could see my reflection in her eyes, crystal clear as a mirror. It was like a little me was staring back, peering out of her eyelids, asking me all the questions I didn't want to hear. I snapped a picture before the moment passed.

October 9, 2012


I love springtime. It almost seems like everything is on the cusp of summer, longing for the warmer weather to come. I love the beautiful flowers, opening their buds to the bright light and the endless amounts of lovesick couples, picnicking in the gardens of Melbourne. My favourite aspect of spring, however, is those summery days that mother nature almost tantalizes us with. The prospects of late night camp outs, eating breakfast on front porches, summer storms and the sepia nostalgia I associate with the change in weather excite me from the tips of my toes to the very ends of my hair. I've had a lovely two week holiday, bathing in the sun, reading in the sun, eating ice cream in the sun, being outside in general. These are just a few snapshots of the last couple of weeks and my adventures with friends.

October 7, 2012


Hello! I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet these holidays but I've been super busy with photo shoots and editing those photos that I just haven't really been able to finish anything completely to show you. So over the next week I'll be slowly updating my blog with my holiday adventures (the last one before high school ends?!)