March 30, 2013

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Show 2013 Opening Show

Wow! What a topsy turvy week this has been!

I photographed the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival last week and although I've had these images from the opening show sitting dormant on my hard drive for a week, I've only just caught up after last weeks events.

If you don't follow me on twitter, facebook or tumblr, you really have missed out on some crucial news. This news being that I've broken my foot. The story? It's literally as simple as the fact that I was shopping at the supermarket buying some ice cream for my brother. I stepped off the curb, down to the car and next minute I was on the ground in a heck of a lot of pain. 

I think I really need to invent a better story. So I'm sporting a lovely moon boot (yes it's literally called that) for the next month while my cuboid bone recovers. 

This meant that out of the seven shows I was supposed to photograph, I only actually got myself to two of them. Photographing in the media pit on crutches probably would have made some photographer very, very angry so I decided to skip out on the fashion festival for some TLC.

Sadly, this means I only have photographs from the Opening Event and the show to share with you!

These images are from the Opening Event presented by David Jones and features the AMAZING designs by Mary Katrantzou who I have kind of fallen in love with! I absolutely adore the bold, statement patterns on all of her pieces.

I had an absolute ball photographing this (not as much fun editing I'll admit). It was great to see the lovely people I met last year and catch up with them very briefly. The media pit can sometimes seem like a big family! 


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