June 1, 2013

Glenn & Becky

I love, love. 
As cliche as that sentence is, it is incredibly true.
In my lifetime, I've only been to two weddings. The first, was when I was ten years old. It was in the middle of August on a very cold, wet and windy day. It was my aunt's wedding and I remember being a usher and getting my hair and make up done. My younger brother and little cousins were dressed in little suits and I was in a beautiful dress that was recycled from my first communion earlier that year. Although I don't remember much of the day, I do remember the joy and celebration and the warmth everyone experienced on a very cold winter day.

The second wedding I went to, I photographed. Possibly a dream come true for me after spending at least two years gawking over blogs such as Style Me Pretty and the amazing photography of Leo Patrone. I remember sitting at a restaurant for a friend's 19th birthday when my phone jingled and up popped an email from a girl called Rebecca from Tasmania. I was so excited. I couldn't help but feel that I had achieved something. I had wanted to have my own wedding photography business since I was quite young and now that dream seemed possible.

Fast forward eight months and I was standing in the bride's hotel in Lorne, photographing her beautiful dress and talking like we were old friends. I was standing on crutches, after breaking my foot only two days before the ceremony, but I was determined to soldier on. Daniel, Paul's older brother was my amazing assistant for the day, who I cannot thank enough. Not only because he was my chauffer to Lorne and back, but also for doing a lot more of the work than I had originally asked him to do. 

I honestly could write a whole book about this day. It is clear as crystal in my mind and I can relive moments from the day with full clarity. I couldn't have asked for four more amazing, supportive and relaxed people to work with for nine hours. Everything was perfect. The rain was held at bay, the clouds were brooding and stormy and at the perfect times, a sheer golden light would shine through the clouds illuminating my photos. I couldn't as for something more beautiful.

I think I love, love because when it is true, it is infectious. I remember hearing Becky's vowels between clicks of my camera and swelling inside. It's a hard feeling to describe but it was like having a crush on someone for the first time and spying on them in the school yard. It made me think of my own relationship and made me feel incredibly lucky to have someone like Paul in my life. It was immensely powerful.

By the end of the ceremony, the small amount of guests erupted into bliss. The feeling of joy emanated through the seaside streets and by the end of the night I was in a state of euphoria. I was proud of myself for pushing through the pain I was experiencing and I was in love with the photos I had taken. Although my photos may not be good at Leo Patrone's, I know that one day they could be and that excites me more than anything. 

I cannot wait to do more weddings in the future and working intimately with amazing couples to capture their beautiful day.

You can see Daniel's photos from the day on his facebook page, A Created Mind Photography


  1. congrats Carolyn! these are beautiful, you captured the feeling perfectly.

  2. Oh gorgeous photos! I love the style that the bride and groom have gone with, really cute and the bride's dress is amazing x Sushi


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