July 13, 2014

Virtual Concept

One of the best things about being a photographer is the opportunity to collaborate with other young people doing amazing things. I always feel incredibly empowered after working with local students and working with Carla is no exception to that.

I collaborated with Carla back in November last year, on my birthday no less. We photographed a series of images adhering to the brief, 'Street Savvy' as part of a competition associated with Cotton On. A couple of weeks ago, Carla asked me to photograph her garments as part of her semester assessment and naturally I couldn't say no.

Talent: Alex King
MUA: Niki Lyons
Designer/Stylist: Carla Versace

Thank you so much to our amazing team on the day for such a swift and successful shoot, and a big thank you to The Gordon for letting us use their studio space.

Also, don't forget to enter into my competition to win a copy of Alphabet Family Journal! Entries close on Tuesday at 5pm EST! 


  1. Um. These are incredible.

    Let's work together one day? Ok? Sweet. Thanks x

    1. Thanks Samantha!
      Come back to Melbourne soon so I can take pictures! :)


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