March 16, 2015

New Heights


I have something to confess, I prefer working with people I already know. I've said it before and I'll say it again, collaborating with people I went to school with is one of my favourite things to do. 

Why? One word: Connection.

To take good photos of someone you need to establish a connection. Professionally, I meet a lot of new people on a daily basis and besides getting them comfortable in front of a camera, I have to get them comfortable with myself... so I guess the fact that I'm such a chatterbox when I nervous works in my favour.

Erskine Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Otways. The hike down to the bottom consists of about two-hundred steps followed by hopping over rocks and pools of water to get up to the actual waterfall. This kind of shoot was not something I felt comfortable asking a complete stranger to do. It involved risks and trust, something I knew I could only achieve with a model whom I already knew. So when Evie messaged me about collaborating on a shoot, I knew that she was the one. Back in the day, we went to high school together and performed in musicals. Three years later, she's a budding musician needing to be more comfortable in front of a camera. And what better way to get cozy with a camera than balancing atop slippery rocks twenty metres above the ground? 

At least every photo shoot Evie is in after this will seem like a breeze. 

Hair: Jordan Doroschuk @Hot House Hair
MUA: Ashling MacNeill-Sarkis

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  1. these are fabulous. especially the bottom two. great work!!!

  2. She's stunning!
    And I feel you, I photograph those I know so much better, at least I feel like that anyway!

  3. That last shot though! how???

    P.s. I know you haven't worked with me before but I feel like we would make an awesome team :)

    1. A combination of getting free lensing just right and photoshop, of course! I think we would also make a great team, when we eventually get together, I'll teach you how to take a photo like the last one! :)

  4. THESE pictures and THAT leopard print coat are perfection! Amazing pictures Carolyn, you should be so proud :)

  5. Just discovered you blog and work, it's wonderful.
    These are such a beautiful photographs. It's so true about working with people you know, always a better connection (you totally get that in these!)


  6. Love her expression and everything! You guys did an amazing job together. It's good to know that I'm not the only person who gets super nervous photographing strangers! I also like working with my friends because that connection factor is so important for me.

  7. I love the leopard jacket combined with the "jungle" setting :) love the green and brown together - fierce!


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