About Me

Hello, my name is Carolyn West. I live in Geelong, Australia, with my partner, Paul and our cat, Tollie! 

I'm a professional photographer, full-time university student (doing my BA in media communications, journalism and public relations) and I'm a social media manager and barista at a restaurant near Melbourne. 

Apart from my creative and professional endeavours, I love kayaking, running and dancing. I'm a complete tech nerd, I drink an unhealthy amount of tea and I'm extremely nostalgic. 

About Young Limbs

Initially inspired by friends, I began haphazardly blogging for a few years in 2008. Fuelled by my growing photography business (and my willingness to procrastinate my final high school year studies), I curated all of my work into one space in 2012 and thus Young Limbs was born. 


  1. so so excited to have found your little corner of the internet, and so happy you found my blog! :-)


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