April 6, 2012

A Day In Melbourne

I spent the day in Melbourne yesterday with my family. While my mother was at an appointment, I was in charge of looking after my younger brother (yay). I took him to the free exhibition at ACMI where we had quite a lovely time. My brother is a movie buff and wants to be the next big, famous director so this place was like heaven for him. We played around in the projector room, looked as costumes from Australian movies and props as well as Oscar awards. It was quite fun watching him get very excited about these little things, it was kind of like how excited I get about doing a photo shoot or seeing old, vintage cameras.

Later that evening, Paul came up to Melbourne to meet me and we went to see Yann Tiersen in concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Yann Tiersen is most famous for his work on the movie Amélie and it's amazing soundtrack. He's a little bit of a hero of mine so I was quite giddy to meet him and get my cd signed. We were also able to purchase his new album which isn't out in Australia yet. I did get my photo taken with him and the band but the lady who took the photo didn't know how to use my camera so it took us three goes to get it right and Yann was looking a little worried.

I should mention that when I meet famous artists I really like, I become a bit of an obsessive fan girl and blurt our silly little comments. I'm trying to stop myself from doing this but it's so hard! Thankfully, what I said to Yann he didn't seem to understand.

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