April 3, 2012

Frankie Magazine

On my second and sadly final night of shooting at LMFF, I felt terribly empty. I felt like the very short but sweet amount of time spent with my newfound photography friends filled me from my toes to my head with happiness. Pure happiness. The Frankie Show was such a treat to be at. Although challenging to photograph as the models came down in sets of three and there were miniature teepees on the runway, dappled in different locations, it was a fun and very colourful show. The cacti in the teepees is all hand sown!? I’ve always been jealous of other’s skills to be able to create such little beauties for show like that. I’m really not one you should hand things to when it comes to sewing. This show was definitely my favourite of the two. The clothing was eclectic, bright and alternative (and very cute). It was really interesting to see the contrast between what the attendees wore at the Alex Perry show and this one, and the creativity of some of these people!!

I don't have as many photos to show you of this show because I'm still editing them. School has stopped me from doing a lot of photography work over the past couple of weeks because of assessments so I'll share more soon!

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