August 26, 2012


I think the best part about having a father who obsessively documented my life as I grew up is that I get to share great memories like this, with all of you.

Today is my best friend, Caitlin's birthday. We've known each other literally since birth (see first image). There's only three months and one day between us but ever since we were little ones, that gap could have been a lot to outsiders.

We grew up dancing together in tacky ballet costumes, complaining about younger siblings, testing out our inner australian idol with Singstar and watching Mary-Kate and Ashley films. We would spend hours watching the special features on dvd disks to get out of chores.

Admittedly, Caitlin, being the older one in the friendship, was and is always someone who I look up to. I was the dorky child. The one with no fashion sense who was a little too loud for liking, didn't really understand social skills and a bit of a goody two shoes and Caitlin was the very fashionable, very cool, tall and beautiful rule breaker. Naturally, Caitlin was the coolest person I knew and looking back now, we were such an odd couple of friends.

If Caitlin started to read the newspaper on Sundays, I would start reading the newspaper on Sundays. If she bought converse shoes, I begged my mother to buy some for me. Since Caitlin's birthday is before mine, when we were in primary school, her birthday presents were a pretty good indication of what I wanted. She was my first role model. I also don't think I've told her any of this! Shhh!!

Over the years, we've grown into different people, with our own styles. I like to think I'm not as dorky anymore but Caitlin just became more fashionable than what she already was. We've put school yard fights behind us and bad memories are locked in a box under our beds. We focus on the present, not the past. I've always admired Caitlin for her outgoing personality. Cheesy, I know, but really inside, I'm a shy person. I'm awkward and say the wrong thing constantly. Caitlin was always the bubbly one, not caring what others thought and always wanted to live her own life, something that she still embraces. She lives her life like it's one big scary roller coaster. Not one moment is dull. It's really refreshing and motivating for me.

I have so much to thank her for, putting up with my dorky stages, being the best friend I could ever ask for, no matter how far apart we lived, being forever supportive, lending me clothes, relaying juicy gossip to me after months of feeling detached from her life. We have a lovely thing going on and I honestly cannot wait to see where it takes us in the next couple of years! I also can't wait for Caitlin to come and live near me. Eeep!

I wish I had more photos to show, especially from early high school but I deleted them many years ago, saving me from future embarrassment!

Happy 18th Birthday you amazing girl! I honestly cannot wish you enough luck for the end of this year and in absolutely everything you do! You are such an inspiration to me and many others and I'm excited as to where the next chapter of our lives will go! I leave you with a memory of year 8.

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