September 4, 2012


I apologise profusely for being a little absent over the past couple of weeks! But look! New photos!! Exciting!!

My high school adventure will be over in as little at 49 days time (who's counting), and I've been ridiculously busy with assignments, school work in general and being a bit of a busy bee with exhibitions and the like. So I'm sorry for not updating as much as I would like but I promise as soon as the 12th of November is over, everything will be very regular! Promises all round!

I've decided to share with you my final images for my school photography subject which all need to be handed in next week! Eep! They stream on from this photoshoot I did way back in May! Although the photo shoot didn't quite go to planned, I'm so proud of what I'm able to achieve whilst under a lot of pressure! Of course, if you have me on my facebook page you might have seen these already!

Never the less, I hope you like them and it would be great if you could leave some feedback below!!


  1. these photos are stunning!

  2. Beautiful. In particular, I love the penultimate.
    Good luck with your last days of high school ^^


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