October 7, 2012


Hello! I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet these holidays but I've been super busy with photo shoots and editing those photos that I just haven't really been able to finish anything completely to show you. So over the next week I'll be slowly updating my blog with my holiday adventures (the last one before high school ends?!)

 I did a test shoot with Blake from Scene Model Management in the first week, in Melbourne. We photographed in the subway underpass under Degraves and Flinders streets upon request from my friend, Laura. I really don't like to photograph in places I've never been before but I couldn't resist, it just looked so cool!

 We spent a couple of hours lurking down dark ends of the underpass, our male model posing topless with odd makeup and ties as accessories. I'm sure it was a very odd sight for commuters and passer bys. An asian woman actually stopped to take a photo while another rude old woman told me that I was taking up too much space. Apparently occupying a disused door and standing on a milk crate a metre or so away is too much space.

 I did take a more commercial approach to these images. Lately I've just felt that my work really doesn't fall into one category. It's not quite commercial enough nor is it particularly artistic. So I just thought I would really get out of my comfort zone and see where it would take me. Let me know if you like it in the comments!

I actually love these images, despite how different they are and so did the modeling agency which I was absolutely chuffed at! I'm photographing two more male models in development when I finish school for them. I'm quite excited.

Model: Blake @ Scene
MUA: Halley Gilson
Photographer: Carolyn West

 I also did a test shoot with Blake's older brother, Nathaniel, which you can view here. You can also see the rest of the photos from this photo shoot including outtakes on my facebook page

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