October 25, 2012


The two days I've been looking forward to most this year, have come and gone like the past 18 years of my life. Very, very fast. The two days were a whirlwind of emotion, relief, utter exhaustion and happiness. I spent the time reflecting on my life at the school I graduated from, and the one I left back in the country in year 9. I received beautiful messages from best friends and strangers wishing me luck, some of which, brought me to tears.

My year has been a hard one. It's taken a lot of determination (and distraction!) to get me here and I'm so utterly glad it's all over so I can begin on the life that I have felt has been on hold for the past year. I am so grateful for all of the help I've been given this year. Especially from my homeroom/art teacher who has really been instrumental in ensuring that I believe in myself and what I do, as well as my year level coordinator who's 'How are you?' and 'Hey Westy!' comments most days put a smile on my face. And to my lovely class of 2012 who are honestly the best mix of girls I could have asked for, and who have let me photograph them a little bit too much all year (and who have put up mostly with all of my annoying facebook updates about my work)!

Of course, I couldn't end my thankyou without acknowledging my parents, who, even thought they are incredibly annoying (most of the time :P) have been there for me, and given me a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed it this year. I'm sorry for not writing a proper letter.

And finally, a huge, huge, huge thank you to my boyfriend Paul, who had to listen to me complain all year about tedious things, try to cheer me up all of the times I was feeling very, very, blue and who has always motivated me to strive for my best and chase my dreams. Your support through this year has been invaluable, and it has made our relationship stronger and better in ways I never thought possible.

And now, after exams, I get to photograph as much to my heart's content, work off the money towards my camera and some lenses I have my eyes on, photograph at Fall's Music Festival and a whole lot of other things, I'm sure I haven't even discovered yet!!


  1. Congrats and good luck for the future ^^

  2. I love the pictures, they look lovely!

    I was about to ask why you have graduated already but it makes sense, considering you don't live in the US. Lucky that you have graduated! :) And I'm glad to hear that it was such an emotional (but good sort) time!

    That's really awesome! Good luck to the future! I can't wait for my graduation, especially because we get lei'd. :P


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