November 15, 2012

Life Lately

1. Procrastination at Southbank before my interview at VCA
2. My photography portfolio
3. Starbucks to keep me awake
4. Beautiful weather from a family weekend away
5. Editing fashion photos all day in bed (the only place one should edit photos)
6. Sitting in on Paul's cooking class at William Angliss. The food I got to taste was amazing.

I finished my last exam on Monday and it's still a very surreal feeling. I've been catching up on my sleep debt a lot and re-teaching myself how to cook since it's been such a long time, hanging out with family and walking everywhere. I'm enjoying a week off before I start my new job and my photography work begins again. It's really nice to spend some alone time after the past nine months.

Thank you to all the lovely good luck messages you have been sending me over my exam period too! All your thoughts really pushed me during the week and a bit of exams! Now we just have to wait for the results. Fingers crossed!

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  1. That's awesome! What do you keep your portfolio in (or rather, what do you use and suggest when creating one?) and it's good to hear that you're catching up with sleep and learning how to cook and doing many lovely things! :D

    1. I have two portfolios at the moment for uni interviews. The one pictured is just a general visual diary with acid free paper and a thick hard black cover. I used special photo tape to glue in my pictures. The other is an A3 folder with my work in A3 plastic covers. I use that one for my school/folio work rather than just pictures. I think in terms of using something for a folio, it's entirely up to the artist. Anything is really acceptable!


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