November 1, 2012

Baby Isla

All the way back in September, I was honoured with taking photos of little baby Isla who was just one month old. She was such a smart little one, crying unless her mother bribed her with milk in between shots. In the end I literally thought she was just thinking in her head, ‘fine, if you want me to pose I will, but only for a minute, so that I can go home!’ 

Her skin was silky smooth and her little fingers were clenched into the tightest of fists, I couldn’t pry them open even if I tried. Her eyes were big and blue, with tiny pupils. Almost as wide with wonder as when I met Nirrimi and Matt's daughter, Alba. Magical. I wish I had eyes like that.

Ps. You may have noticed that I gave my blog some TLC over the past day. I'm not joking, when I say that this is the result of exam procrastination at it's finest. Hey, at least I'm not wasting my time... 


  1. The baby is so adorable! And I like your new blog lay out :P Good luck for the rest of your exams :)

    1. Thanks so much, Anh! Your good luck is really appreciated!!


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