May 21, 2013

Photo Diary

I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here recently but I GOT MY NEW CAMERA FINALLY.
And yes, that sentence required capital letters. I was supposed to get it in March but I ran into a few mishaps and only ended up getting it a few weeks ago. I was incredibly excited as prior to this, I was sharing a semi broken camera with my dad, and you can only imagine how hard it was working professionally and trying to make a name for myself when technically I didn't own my own camera.

These are the first images I shot with my camera within the first week of getting it. Although I've taken more photos since, it still feels new to me and I can't wait to 'season' it more with more pretty photo shoots and experiments. Hopefully I'm going to be posting a lot more now, as I neglected my old camera towards the end as it was just getting too difficult to use!

I'm absolutely in love with the amount of detail my new camera captures and how much easier it is for me to shoot at night! Prior to a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty hard for me to photograph past 4pm without a lot of grain in my images and without the quality deteriorating.

I hope you love the photos, and thanks to my brother, Patrick, for taking the two photos of Paul and I. He's a gem!


  1. A hearty congratulations on getting your new camera! You're right, the detail of the camera is absolutely superb; I especially love the snapshot of the train (or is it tram?) carriage :) And I actually have a very similar problem with your old camera; mine is horrible with taking photos when it gets dark. I might have to follow your example and invest in a new baby too. Have a good week xx

    1. Thank you lovely! It is AMAZING! I'll pick up my old one tomorrow and take a photo with it and think to myself, 'how on earth did I use this for so long?!'

      It's awful isn't it?! And incredibly inconvenient!!

  2. Ah what a lovely feeling it is to have a new camera! I desperately need one too, I'm so tired of the one I have now.


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