April 30, 2014

Sydney Part Two!

Yes. Hello. Sorry, what is the internet? I think I forgot about it while I was buried under a pile of essays and work.

Hi faithful followers, I'm surprised you're all still here, seeing as I haven't really posted in a month or so and seeing as things seem so disposable on the internet these days. Nevertheless, I'm back and posting and I'm sorry for my absence but I guess no amount of apologies will make up for my laziness.

Anyway, following on from my last post, we flew to Sydney to celebrate Paul's birthday last month. We woke up early, anticipating the idea that we would be in an entirely different state in just a few hours.

Once our plane landed, we dropped our bags off at our hotel in Kings Cross. We were dressed quite smartly because of our lunch reservation, and the concierge at the hotel thought we were on a business trip going to an important meeting which we joked about for the rest of the afternoon, saying that our important meeting was stuffing our faces with amazing food. We took a walk around Circular Quay before lunch, soaking in the cityscape. Sydney is beautiful, but sometimes I wish it had the vibe Melbourne does. The CBD in Melbourne is much more alive with people and pedestrians than the streets of Sydney.

After lunch I took Paul to a little surprise patisserie in the heart of The Rocks called La Renaissance Patisserie. While I was searching for some places to visit a few weeks before we left, I saw this little cake shop and thought it was something I could surprise Paul with. We bought some macarons. Now is probably a good time to tell you that Paul is a very talented patisserie chef and makes all of the macarons for our workplace so it's kind of a given that we try every macaron we come across to get ideas! We also bought two little entremets that we ate later at the hotel that were pretty delicious.

After an afternoon nap, because travelling for an hour on a plane surprisingly makes you very tired, we took a walk around Kings Cross while we waited for pizza. I love the variety of the architecture in the suburb. You have everything from dodgy looking strip clubs, whimsical stone buildings with cute window shutters and even high rise luxury apartments. It's a very interesting vibe. If I had to relate it to a suburb in Melbourne it would probably be a mixture between Fitzroy, Prahran and South Melbourne except without all the young, impressionable hipsters. Kings Cross/Darlinghurst definitely has an older population who seem a lot more business-y compared to Melbourne's artistic suburbs. There is definitely a lot more evidence of wealth in Sydney as well. I literally saw a woman with a little dog in a raincoat which she then put into a specially made bag for the dog so it didn't have to walk everywhere and get it's paws dirty. People, seriously, I'm never not fascinated by them.

After dinner we indulged in some quality television watching, seeing as we had Foxtel at our hotel, and fell asleep to the sounds of people drinking on the streets below and the hustle and bustle of an inner city suburb.  


  1. These photos are so beautiful, wow! It looks lovely there :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Those macrons look delicious!!


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