May 7, 2014

Sydney: Part 3!

On our second day, our morning consisted of eating lots of croissants and then walking them off through the rain. If we lived in Kings Cross, we would be having breakfast at the Bourke Street Bakery every single day. Their bread is amazing and baked fresh daily. The type of bread changes depending on the day of the week and they have an endless supply of sweet treats.

We walked all the way from our hotel to the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Sydney Biennale was on while we were visiting so we feasted our eyes on some amazing art. It rained really heavily the whole day and we got really, really wet but the botanical gardens were beautiful and we got to see some really beautiful parts of Potts Point and the outer CBD.

We had lunch at an awesome place called The Rabbit Hole. We would definitely recommend going there for lunch/dinner. It was quite quaint and the service was great and the food was amazing!! I took some photographs of what we ate but the lighting kind of sucked so I didn't feel like sharing. However, Paul had a pretty delicious burger and I had a goats cheese tart with this amazing salad. 

After lunch we wandered around Pitt Street and found ourselves in Wesfield which literally just felt like a shopping centre for incredibly rich people. We bought some macarons from Ladurée to see what all of the fuss is about. They weren't that great, to be honest. The flavours were pretty boring and they were over priced compared to all of the other macarons we tried.

That evening we went to see The Lion King. We kind of went to Sydney just to see this because it's Paul's favourite Disney film and we were both too little to go and see it last time we were in Melbourne. For the record, I was definitely one of the best musicals I've seen. In my mind, it's tied with Billy Elliot but The Lion King was much more fun and interactive. I literally cried because The Circle of Life was so, so, so, so, soooooooo beautiful! 

On Friday we had a very late breakfast at a beautiful restaurant called Bills. I had the granola that's pictured and I would literally fly back to Sydney so that I could have more of it. Amazing. It was all so white and beautiful and they have Frankie and Kinfolk magazines spread all over the tables and it felt so much like home.

We spent some time wandering more around the CBD and getting a better feel for Sydney but we both started to feel unwell and we ended up back in our hotel room. We bought some cakes from the Bourke Street Bakery to save for later as well as some macarons by Zumbo which were damn delicious. 

On our last day it was gloriously sunny which was well received after three days of muggy, wet weather. We had, hands down, the best low cost lunch of the trip at this place called Moo Moo Burgers. We got half price off our meal by paying with PayPal, which was cool and very random but mostly cool. I had a kangaroo burger and Paul had a duck burger (they did many other amazing flavours) and we got chips with bacon and cheese (literally heaven) and milkshakes. My stomach felt very content.

And then we went home. We were sad to leave, mostly because we had to return to the real work where Paul works basically full time and I have to write essays every couple of weeks (student life, yo!). Hopefully one day we will get back to Sydney for some work! :)

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