January 6, 2012

Kirra Visits Again

My friend, Kirra came to visit me in Melbourne again. This time I met her father and brother. What lovely people they all are. We've started a little tradition now that we have met up more than once, we eat at the same places. The little restaurant in China Town we went to last time is now our favourite hangout. The pink, dim room is hot and humid, especially over lunchtime when business men come in with parties of eight or more. We share a plate of chinese broccoli in garlic sauce, feeling full and pleased with ourselves.

The four hours we spent together were jam packed with fun and things we 'forgot' to do when Kirra came to visit last time. First we stopped at a photo booth parlour where we took silly photos, laughed and sang along to the music. After lunch, we ate ice cream from a little pink cafe with pretty flower tiles, a chandelier and quirky lamps. We bought macaroons and ate them in the botanical gardens. We soaked up the summer sun, laying on the grass, observing passing by strangers and listening to the chants and music of a youth church meeting on a hill not too far from us.

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