January 11, 2012

Summer's Winter

It's been so cold here over the past couple of days. Whatever happened to summer? We've had a maximum of sixteen degrees, it feels like winter and everything is grey and looks like winter as well. I rugged up in wooly knits, jackets and beanies and went for a little exploration outside. I moved house not long ago and I haven't really explored everything properly yet. I discovered little trinkets strewn through my backyard. There's a little card with an image of Jesus on it next to the light switch in the garage, little clumps of moss grows between the bricks of our back patio, the windows have tiny scratches all over them. My new house is over 150 year old. It's old, stone and has high ceilings and two fireplaces, but my family refuses to use those. It's a very cold house, just like this very cold week.

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