September 20, 2012

Week Two

Sorry for not posting last week! It seems as if the rest of this year is slipping through the cracks between my fingers faster than water. 14 days until I finish high school? Crazy!

Sometimes I think my mood is affected far too much by the weather. Although I love winter, the beak, cold weather does nothing for my mood. Towards the end, I find myself longing for sun, summer and warmer weather where I can go for a walk without fear of rain.

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely beautiful, especially last week. I took the day off school because I felt unwell and instead read 'The Catcher In The Rye' in the sun on a polkadot blanket with my puppies. It was lovely to be in a dress again and to feel the warm breeze against my skin. I walk home from school most days and I've noticed more pretty flowers, green leaves and dandelions than ever. I can't help but pick some up as I walk by to press when I get home. Can you grow dandelions by planting their seeds? I would love a pot full of them, just so I could use them in photos whenever I like.

I cannot wait for the holidays to begin. So many plans, so many opportunities.

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