December 5, 2012


About a week ago I turned eighteen and an adult in the society's opinion. It's an odd feeling having all those barriers associated with being underage being dropped just like that. I don't feel any different so why does being on Earth just one more day make me eligible for all the things that have been denied to me this year because of my age rather than my maturity?

It's quite daunting entering the adult world. I got too used to paying student prices and child fares. I think the biggest shock was finding out how many places don't offer discounts for students/young people (ie. $35 haircuts increasing to $80+) apparently turning eighteen also means that you have lots of money to spend willy-nilly.

To celebrate being an 'adult' I applied for my ABN (Australian Business Number) and everything got approved. So now I own my own business, which is such a daunting thought. I'll talk about that a little more in detail soon though, promise. I also got a haircut.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy being able to go into bottle shops with my boyfriend/parents instead of having to wait in the car, going to burlesque lounges and karaoke bars, attending 18+ music festivals, drinking Baileys and being incredibly frugal.

Ps. This is also week nine / fifty two of my self portraiture project

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  1. omg that picture is stunning! and happy birthday! i still find it quite amusing when i remember that im an adult now, and im 20!


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