December 23, 2012

an evening by the sea

On Friday night, Paul, his older brother Daniel and I decided to take a impromptu trip to the ocean to watch the sunset. We decided to go and explore a little place called Point. Addis because of the amazing views of the Great Ocean Road and the quiet sandy beach. 

We left in a flurry, hoping to catch the sun before it dipped down behind the steep cliffs of the Australian Coastline. The sky was golden, with rays of sunshine seeping through the trees and bathing the fields of farmland in glorious light. The air was cool, shocking my face as we drove slow around bendy roads with the windows down. The fresh smell of grass leaked into the car and we sang to our favourite songs, piercing the silence of the country for just a second. 

When we arrived, the sun was a burnt orange glow just peeking over the cliffs. We quickly got out of the car and started exploring, breathing in the fresh salty air and feeling at peace with the world. Daniel took panoramic photos with his camera while Paul and I chased moths along the boardwalks and admired the beautiful gradient of the sky. 

We walked down the steep steps to run along the sandy beach. We stood on the edge of the water, the lukewarm liquid tickling our toes every so often. People were fishing and swimming topless and the moon was high in the nights sky, illuminating us. Paul buried his feet in the sand while I danced and twirled in the water. 

We stood up on the railings, taking in the scenery. I felt content with my life, at ease and totally oblivious to the rest of the world. I was in this moment, wholly and fully. I felt infinite in every way and my happiness extended from my smile to the tips of my fingers. 

Hope you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas with those who love you most. I'll have some Christmassy photos to share with you all on boxing day.

*All photos taken and edited with my Iphone 5 and VSCO Cam

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