April 19, 2013


commute; verb
1 [ no obj. ] travel some distance between one's home and place of work on a regular basis: she commuted from Westport in to Grand Central Station.

Since the first day of university this year, I've been documenting interesting things I've seen out of the corner of my eye, discretely with my iPhone. 

This little project turned into a bit of a challenge to try and take interesting photographs with a very limited device, limited time and limited editing. The result: an on going series of images capturing fragmented moments of my time spent in the city and a chaotic and anxious way. 

I'm a wallflower when it comes to public transport. I adore watching people intently and studying how they behave and what they do. All of the images featured in this post were taken whilst I was on public transport. The subjects are either on the train/tram with me or waiting to catch their own.

I showed these in my first 'group tutorial' at university yesterday and it was very interesting to see how other people in my class read my work. I think the best thing about presenting something technical, rather than purely artistic is the fact that there can be any number of interpretations that are all relevant. Just like the individual photographs I've taken, each response depends on the individual who it's coming from. 

And just to give you a preview of how I installed it, I've included a quick snap I took of my iphone of my photographs on the wall at the bottom of the post!