April 27, 2013

This City

During my first few weeks at VCA, I was given a roll of black and white film to photograph with. I decided to use up the film over three days, taking photos of little things that caught my eye while wandering through the city.

I spent a morning at my friend, Cait's house. She is lucky enough to live on the eighth floor of an apartment building with an amazing view down Melbourne's Swanston Street. She has cute little ornaments and knickknacks resting on her windowsills that you can spy from the laneway below. 

I spent a Saturday morning wandering around the CBD with Paul and his brother Daniel. We ran into religious preachers, a feminist protest and the famous Moomba Festival all in the space of an hour. Such a magical city. Daniel and I walked down to the Yarra River to explore the festival more and saw some of the best water-skiers in the world.

On Monday, while most people had the day off to enjoy the Moomba Festival Parade, (oh, and Labour Day Holiday too...) I had to go to university. My train was delayed, so I took the opportunity to explore a few secret places I've had my eye on for a while and snapped a couple of photographs.

I developed the film a couple of days after taking these photos. It was my first time in a dark room and it was a lot of fun seeing my negatives come to life when we created a contact sheet. Last week, we were shown how to scan negatives in this really imposing scanner worth the amount of a car. I spent about three hours scanning some negatives and familiarising myself with a piece of equipment I'll most definitely be using a lot this year. It's cheaper than buying light-sensitive paper to print on, lets be honest here. 

I've missed shooting with film!

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  1. These photos are beautiful, especially the one with the man playing saxo. I wish I could use more films, dark rooms are magic places :)


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