April 30, 2013

My Day, In Four Photographs

Over the weekend and for the past two days I've been kicking myself that I didn't get a flu shot because I'm awfully sick. And what makes my predicament worse is the fact that I'm so fatigued from travelling 3+ hours each day to uni, I'm finding it pretty hard to get out of bed.
So today, I was asked to go and spend some time with my cousin, who had the day off school and his new puppy, which I kind of ended up falling in love with and baby sitting for the whole day. Most of the day was spent sitting in the sun outside or lounging on the couch with this pooch snoozing on my tummy.

I decided to take my camera out for the day and dust it off for the last time to take some photos with it, before my new, very snazzy one arrives in the next two days.

I also just really wanted a cute selfie with the puppy for a new display picture on facebook as well as something cute for my desktop picture to cheer me up but we can just keep those facts a secret.

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