May 8, 2013

Studio Portraits

I wanted to share with you a couple of studio photos I've taken over the past month. I haven't done much studio shooting before and only really learned how to use soft boxes and tungsten lighting last month at university. It's something I've wanted to learn for a while now, even though I find studio shooting to be quite stark and boring.

I took the first two images in a make shift studio in my lounge room. My brother recently bought two soft boxes online for his youtube videos and although they're not the best quality, I find that they still work really well! They were taken with my old Canon 500D

The last two images were taken in the studio at VCA of my classmates, Ally and Rosie. The amazing last photo was taken by Alex (who's work you can find here), but I edited it! These were taken with a Nikon full-framed camera. I'm not sure what model. It was incredibly challenging using something that was so backwards to what I was used to! 

Looking at the comparison between the quality of the two cameras online now make me weep. I recently bought a Canon 5D Mk III so I can't wait to test that out next time I get to do some studio portraits! 


  1. Beautiful, all of them!! Good luck with your studies, you're doing a great job!!!!


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