May 5, 2013

The Year Of 14

When I was fourteen, I had a boyfriend who used to play some songs by The Kooks to me through skype. At the time, they were our favourite band. Although it was a short lived fling, I always   thought it was a very sweet gesture. 

So yesterday, when I was getting ready to leave for Groovin The Moo and my first ever music festival, I couldn't help but be filled with nostalgia about my youth. I decided to embrace this nostalgia and wore my old converse shoes from 2005, as well as purchase sour skittles and hubba bubba. I was tingling with anticipation at what the day had install for me.

Walking around the dusty show grounds of Bendigo reminded me of long hot summers spent relaxing with friends and having picnics on the front lawn of my house. There were masses of people, something I was expecting yet still surprised about. I went with a friend from school, Laura and we ran to the big tent to listen to Hungary Kids of Hungary, a band we both discovered in late 2008 when their single, 'Scattered Diamonds' was the free single of the week on iTunes. We were in the second row, with people who were mostly waiting for the next musical act to arrive on stage. We grooved to the upbeat music with people behind us on their boyfriend's shoulders. People were smoking, someone's hair caught on fire from being too close to someone's cigarette. The whole tent was filled with smoke. 

We spent lunch picnicking on the brown grass eating hot chips with tomato sauce in an inconvenient cone. We were surrounded by an eclectic bunch of people, each with their own individual styles. I wish I had of had my proper camera with me to take photos of them. The 90s vibe was strong with most people sporting some assortment of coloured jewels and glitter all over their faces. 

We joined the crowd for the last part of Matt & Kim, a band I'd kind of heard of but never really got into. The sea of people were in complete bliss. The blue skies and sunshine seemed to make everyone happy. rainbow confetti flew through the skies, Kim danced on her drum kid and on people's heads and balloons bounced along the crowd.

As the afternoon faded away, we made our way to the front of the pack in anticipation for Alpine and The Kooks. The air smelled of junk food and people behind us weren't smoking just tobacco. It really was a care free environment. Alpine transported the crowd to another world with beautiful harmonies and unearthly lyrics. We listened to Frightened Rabbit, a band I've since fallen in love with, Regurgitate, who created a pretty rough mosh pit which we almost got sucked into and They Might Be Giants which made me giggle like a little teenager with their comedy.

Finally it was time for Tame Impala. The crowd was impatient, constantly pushing us up against the barriers and squeezing my insides. We made friends with some people from Melbourne who we shared sweets and soft drink with. Tame Impala were hypnotising. Someone threw a shoe at them and they just chuckled about it. Tegan & Sara performed on the other stage, rocking out some of their old songs and new ones too. I have a huge girl crush on those sisters and was a bit bummed I didn't get to stand in front of them and be a huge fangirl.

Finally it came to The Kooks, and I honestly had the most amazing time. Their music made me live in the moment, I never wanted the songs to end. Everyone was jumping and dancing and it felt like nothing else mattered. Luke Pritchard danced up on stage like the cool cat he is and we all groved along with him. I sang every lyric, and exchanged some eye contact with Luke at a couple of stages which was pretty damn cool. I came away shaking from being so cold but it was worth every minute of it.

Seeing as I wasn't allowed to bring my new camera with me, these photos were all taken on a little digital still camera so I'm quite happy with how they turned out :)

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!


  1. these photos are wonderful! it's so great knowing that beautiful images like these don't always need to be produced by expensive equipment :)
    my favourite is the 5th with all the balloons up in the air

  2. Thank you so much Stephanie! I was a little bit surprised at the photos from my brother's camera! And although a lot of them were a little shaky, I still love them. There's something about using a still camera that makes me nostalgic. Especially since I haven't used one since about 2009!

    That's one of my favourites to. It was a very happy moment. I got terribly excited about that!


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