March 25, 2014

Paul is 20!

Today is Paul's 20th birthday! We started off the day with a surprise pancake birthday cake for breakfast. My entire family stood in my bedroom singing Paul 'Happy Birthday' in their pyjamas at 6.30 this morning, waking Paul up. I don't think he really comprehended what was actually happening until I came back with three chocolate chip pancakes topped with Maggie Beer ice cream. 

Today begins a five day celebration for Paul's birthday. Although turning twenty isn't quite the same as turning twenty-one, I've been saving really hard over the past couple of months and we're off for a bit of a holiday to Sydney for the next few days. We're doing all of Paul's favourite things while we are away. We're eating at some amazing restaurants, getting take-out pizza to eat in bed and most importantly, we splurged on some tickets to see The Lion King, Paul's favourite Disney movie. Hopefully we both come back really, really refreshed and ready to tackle everyday life again.

Tonight Paul's family cooked an amazing meal to celebrate his birthday and a delicious cake to match so I thought I'd share a few pictures. We're all now enjoying some mojitos with very full bellies. Naturally, because we're away until Saturday, I won't be updating the blog until then, but you can follow our adventures on instagram until we get back to share the real photos.

Aliss watching all of the excitement from the lounge room.


  1. I honestly cannot wait for you to take photos at my 21st! You are ridiculously talented my dear, hope you two have a lovely weekend - Mairead x

  2. Aww, your kittie looks so cute! Not to mention how tasty this cake seems.
    Happy b-day to Paul!

    I've followed you via Bloglovin'!
    I'd be very happy to see you in my blog sometime too.

    Style Nirvana

    1. Ailis is gorgeous and super fluffy! The cake was delicious, there was none left for us when we got back from Sydney :(

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun! Hope youre having fun here in Sydney. I wish we had better weather for you.

    how was the MCA? I might go visit tomorrow :)

    1. The weather was a bit of a downer! But Thursday, when it poured, was the worst. Yesterday was amazing though. I missed the sun!!

      The MCA was good! It's smaller than what I expected, mostly because the NGV in Melbourne is literally amazing! But it had some really lovely and interesting pieces of art.


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