March 19, 2014

We Bought A Zoo!

While you're looking at these images, I suggest listening to this song in the background to set the mood. we didn't really. But we did visit one!

On Monday Paul and I took an impromptu visit to the Melbourne Zoo. And although I like the idea of owning a zoo, like in the movie 'We Bought A Zoo' I'm glad I don't have to clean their enclosures. We drove up to Melbourne (an adventure in itself) and spent the day hanging out with the animals, particularly the meerkats because they're so cute and they remind me of tiny cats.

The weather was a little cool for some of our favourite animals like the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) so we didn't get to see as much of them as we would have liked. The brown bear basically spent the morning wanting to go back inside to hibernate and we kind of wanted to do the same. We got lost, multiple times, and found it really frustrating to try and find the penguin and seal enclosures, especially because neither of us had been to the zoo since we were very, very small and the map was very, very confusing. We made it out in the end with bellies full of hot jam doughnuts and hot chips only to get lost again trying to find out way back home.

We both obviously need to work on our navigational skills before we go to Sydney by ourselves next week!

My favourite photograph ever. Enough said.

It was so sad to see many of the butterflies with deteriorating wings from people picking them up while we were in the butterfly house. They were still absolutely beautiful, however!

And a photograph of a hippopotamus sleeping because we thought it was hilarious (although seeing a wombat sleep was probably ten times more hilarious and cute). I love the way hippos wiggle their ears really, really fast. 


  1. Cool! I really love them, the colors are stunning, and the giraffes are amazing! :)

    1. Thank you Eugenie! The giraffes are amazing creatures.

  2. Those sleeping meerkats are so precious. My goodness!

  3. That's it you have inspired me to go to the zoo! Your photographs are so very beautiful, the lighting is natural and the colours have come out so well. Thank you for popping by my blog!


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