March 24, 2014

Teen Blues

At the end of January, I got together with Andrea, a pal from high school, to create some suburban magic in the street I used to live in when I first moved to Geelong. I was feeling particularly angsty around the times these were taken and I wanted to embody my emotions in someone who has a killer style and fabulous make up skills.

I've been waiting to share these forever because I really enjoy this set of images. We submitted them to Rookie a few months ago and although we got an amazingly enthusiastic response from them initially (I kind of screamed haha) we didn't hear anything back after subsequent emails, so I thought it was high time that I shared them here. 

Thank you to Andrea for being the fabulous model. She even did her own make up and styling. I was super impressed!


  1. So so good! I love the makeup (your friend is very talented!)

    Also, I love that dandelion photo!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! And Andrea's hair is TO DYE FOR!!!!

    bianca xx


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