February 3, 2013

my boutique, summer 2013

Early December I went for a meeting at a local coffee shop with a girl who had contacted me through the internet. She was the owner and designer of local, Geelong shop, My Boutique. I nervously waited on a soft couch for Dani to arrive. I had my folio of works with me in my large black book and carefully looked over my pervious portraiture and fashion work, hoping to impress.

A month later, we photographed in the beautiful grounds of the Werribee Mansion, frolicking through coloured roses, foreign succulents and trees as tall as the mansion in beautiful dresses. After a successful and tiring day of photographing, we made plans to shoot My Boutique's summer lookbook and editorial in a few weeks time. And thus, my first editorial commission had begun.

Mid January, we set off in the late afternoon and harsh sunlight to a secluded beach, where we photographed the first half of the campaign. The models stumbled over rocks, and pebbles as we climbed up to the bases of huge rocks and cliffs. We ran along the warm sand, chasing the waves and running away from the tide that was slowly pushing us back.

We then found our way down to one of the main beaches, before setting sail on a luxurious yacht owned by Dani's brother-in-law. It was exhilarating, shooting out in the middle of the bay. I feared that I would stumble back off the boat and fall in the water, camera in hand, all the hard work of everyone on the day ruined. However I managed to stay afloat. It was challenging shooting in such a confined space where I had to carefully select lenses based on how close or far away I was from the models. We sailed back into the harbour as the sun started to set on the horizon and behind the pier.

These are a few photos from the look book I shot for My Boutique. I'll be uploading more onto my facebook page at a later date and you will be able to see them on the My Boutique website (link above) in the next couple of weeks. I hope this is the first of many more commissions to come!

Models: Sarah Czarnuch & Larni Salathiel
Clothes: My Boutique
Hair: Miss Megsie
MUA: Aleisha's Beauty Boutique


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