February 15, 2013

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Happy Friday everyone!
I have to admit this week sort of got away from me. It felt like it was only Monday yesterday and now it's Friday? Funny how time flies when you're busy.

Speaking of busy, I've been busy editing lots of photos and taking photos to share with you, (some of which I was meant to have finished and posted up here a few days ago) over the weekend so keep an eye out for those.

1. Oh Jason Schwartzman how you make me laugh. This actor is up the top of my 'to photograph one day' list. I find him to be extremely talented in the ways that he can play characters with demeanours of opposite ends of the spectrum so easily and swiftly. Recently, he modeled for a photo shoot for the February/March issue of BUST magazine. The photos, featured on My Modern Met, were taken by photographer Amanda Marsalis who's work I adore!

2. The amazing Eliza McDonald, a former high school peer of mine, posted this video below earlier this week and it really stuck with me. 'Be the best you, you can be' is such a silly motto. Like Eliza, I used to believe it too. I would take subjects at school because I thought they were thought of more highly than say art. I even aspired to be a doctor at one stage for both the money and status of getting to say 'I'm studying medicine'. Yeah, that was never going to happen. Make sure you check out Eliza's other videos on her channel, as they're equally as thought provoking and hilarious as this one! 

3. I've sort of been patiently waiting for these amazing photos by Nirrimi since she posted this photo on her instagram. I love how Nirrimi subtly photographs her subjects. They barely ever look posed and have the most beautiful eyes.

4. The short documentary above by the folks at Visco Supply Co, showcasing photographer Jeremy Cowart's work is just awesome! It also may be a little bit of inspiration for a shoot I'm planning to organise as soon as my university course starts in three weeks, so you can consider this as a sneak peak!

5. This is one amazing short film by Jam Stories. I could spend hours on Vimeo browsing through the quality and content of work on there. I love the style and quality of the animation and the rhymed narrative that accompanies it. It's seven minutes of your life you won't be wanting back. It also stars Christopher Lloyd, Tavi Gevinson and Kathy Bates, who, if you've been living under a rock are all amazingly talented people.

6. Lastly, you should all go and make this pumpkin soup now. Seriously. Get off the computer, close your browser and make this because it's absolutely delicious and easy.

Have a lovely weekend!

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