February 8, 2013

friday links: 01

A big wish of mine is to be able to post on here more regularly. Once my university course begins, I'll hopefully be creating new content to post every other day, since 75% of my course is photographing things. Between finishing school and now, I've found that I've been swarmed with inspiration and my head is bursting with ideas. I've been meticulously pinning pictures to my pinterest and reblogging things on tumblr to try and stay organised.

I thought it would be nice, to share some of what makes me inspired on here and the people behind creating it. I'm a big user of Bloglovin' and follow 300+ blogs on there, from fashion icons, to twelve year olds with something to say. So here is the first instalment of what's inspiring me this week!

1. Local Geelong Shop, Argentina Shop's new editorial shots featuring the beautiful Taren McKenny (who I've been lucky enough to have had model for me here, here and here) and shot by Molly Cusack who's work I'm always blown away by. Yay for local creatives!

2. Sketch Ice Cream has already been added to my mental list of places I'm visiting one day when I get to America. They take pride in creating their goodies slowly and with love. They also "strive to only use organic, local and sustainably sourced ingredients, such as slow churned butter from Petaluma, “Prime” vanilla from Madagascar and local chocolate made in the traditional European way.” Sketch Ice Cream was recently featured on Visual Supply Co's amazing blog with some equally amazing pictures.

3. Another local photographer from Melbourne, Ben Thomas, creates amazing photographs that make popular cityscapes look like miniature models using 'tilt shift'. Some of Melbourne's prominent suburb, South Bank have been featured on the blog, My Modern Met, along with other famous capital cities around the world! If you want to see more tilt shift cities, make sure you pay a visit to Ben's website, his pictures of New York are magical!

4. Noell S. Oszvald who is just 22 takes some amazing self portraits. I find her work to be highly sensitive and pensive for the viewer and I'm finding her pictures to be incredibly inspiring for some of my ideas for university. My favourite aspect of her work is the fact that she only shoots in black and white because she finds colours distracting. Pictured here is the photo titled 'Prisoner Of My Soul'. You can see more work on her Flickr Page and read a little bit more about her work on My Modern Met

5. Zanita Morgan is an Australian model turned fashion photographer. I've been following her work for a few years now and find myself falling in love with the colours over and over again. At the moment she is in the United States photographing some amazing things and also modelling for some amazing things. This shot is a sneak peak from a Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot that I'm far too excited about. You should really check out her Zanita's blog too!

6. Ella Ruth is a freelance and creative photographer from England. I have loved her work for quite some time. Her dreamy concepts and low aperture create a wonderland that I wish I could just jump right into. Her lastest images of a girl from out of space who seems to be hiding from the space ship that will take her back home is both creative and just extraordinary. They are some of my favourite pictures ever from Ella!

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