February 18, 2013

The Birds Lament

On Tuesday evening my friend Sally and I went down to the water front at sunset for a spontaneous photo shoot. We carried three gorgeous dresses, a big furry coat and a handful of equipment down to the cold, calm water and watched the sun dip below the yachts and horizon and the moon rise above the waves.
The evening was perfect. The chill of the wind left little red goosebumps on our legs, and we huddled under my faux fur coat between shots. The water was calm and reflected the beautiful soft sunset as we photographed the night away. We experimented with a few different photo taking techniques, making fools of ourselves in front of tourists and holiday makers. We laughed loudly, ran along the wooden boardwalk, kicked the soft warm sand and dipped our feet in the water. 
Sally is one of my favourite people to photograph because she is such a genuine person. She's honest and integral which comes through the photos I take of her and how she effortlessly looks at the camera. She's real and just an average everyday girl and that's what I love about photographing her. I played around the editing a bit with this shoot in a few images and I'd love to hear your opinions about them. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful, that last one especially! :D Can't wait to see where VCA takes you this year

    1. Such kind words, Meg! Thank you! I cannot wait either! I'm currently planning my first photo shoot and it's all so exciting! x

  2. very different to all your other photos, I like them though, they are pretty and real!

  3. Lovely photographs!



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