August 11, 2013

Beau Davis Film Photography

I am really excited to share with you the work of one of my absolutely favourite film photographers, Beau Davis. I first encountered Beau's work through tumblr and instantly fell in love with the way he captured Melbourne. His images brought the magic and wonder back to the city that I felt I lost.  We met towards the end of last year at my exhibition in the city which, looking back now, was both daunting and very humbling to have someone whose work I admire to be looking at my work up and close.I had a little chat with him over the week and I'm honoured that he agreed to be my first artist interview.
Tell us a bit about yourself.My name is Beau. I'm twenty-two years old, I have half a masters degree in Architecture which has been postponed to pursue a dream and I spend too much money on film cameras! I own a Hasselblad 500c, Mamiya C330, Pentax 6x7, Zeiss ikon nettar folding camera, Nikon f4, Nikon f80, Nikon fm2, Nikon ft2, 2 Nikon EMs, and Olympus om2, a Yashica t3, polaroid 320 land camera and a Nikonos underwater film camera.You and Dom recently moved from Melbourne to Queensland, what motivated the move and what are you most excited about starting over in a new place?We made the move from our beloved home in Brunswick to build our own home! We were presented with the opportunity to make half a built cabin into our own. That, coupled with the benefit of saving some money and journeying to Nepal at the end of the year signaled the end to our stay in Melbourne...for now.You have such a collection of cameras! What are some of your favourite cameras and film types?My favourite camera would have to be my Mamiya C330. I haven't been able to determine exactly why, but I get what I want from this TLR. I don't have to try, I know what I'm looking to capture and the C330 delivers nearly every time. My favourite film is Kodak tri-x 400. It has life to it, the grain and tonal range just holds that extra little detail I'm always looking for.What or who are some of your biggest inspirations?My biggest inspiration would have to be my father. He has done everything from literally riding around the world, to ten day adventure races across entire countries and continents. He travelled the world with his film camera, and that's what I hope to do, starting with Nepal in December!I find that your photographs always seem to capture little details and places in the large city. What are some of your favourite memories and places of your time in Melbourne?My favourite place in Melbourne would be impossible to determine. I would have to say the entire northern suburbs. I loved walking endlessly through the streets there and finding interstitial and niche spaces - the leftovers of successive development over time. I love those moments where, through a well taken photograph, you can capture time itself. Past through the present.Your brother is also a very talented photographer, has he served as an inspiration to you/have you mentored him in any way?My brother and I are both competitive! I would say that we have mutually grown as photographers through some friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competition. He started out entirely with digital though, it was only through seeing the beauty of film through myself, and me giving him a few of my cameras that he made the transition. How would you describe your style of photography?My style of photography... Well. I guess it's just a collation of everyday accounts. Moments in space and time that I find interesting...  You can follow Beau's amazing work on facebook, tumblr and instagram


  1. amazing post with wonderful photography

  2. Inspiring work! Loved reading the interview.

  3. Pleasant to observe! Such a beautiful pictures.


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