August 21, 2013

Plastic Love, Love Plastic

I'm kind of in love with Jouetie's new Spring/Summer look book. I've never really been that into fashion. It wasn't really until I started photographing people that I discovered fashion. When I photographed at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2012, it suddenly dawned on me how creative, interesting and huge the fashion world is. It was super fun, very daunting and totally inspiring. 
I'm loving a lot of the trends at the moment. I'm more of an op shop and vintage kind of girl, mostly because I'm a babe on a very tight budget but also because the quality is 1000 times better and only a fraction of the cost. But, I'm finding myself lusting over the bright colours, cute logos and sayings, denim and anything that's bright, colourful and a little bit whacky. 

I am particularly in love with the cardigan (two photos down) with the little speech bubbles all over it and the pretty shirt that says 'luck' on it. Sometimes I secretly wish I was a fashion blog, so that I could be sent lovely pieces like this to model and photograph. But alas, although I can take good photos, I'm not a very good model.

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