August 16, 2013

Spring Time Blues

Photography gives me kind of this rush, it's hard to explain. It's like performing on stage in a musical or play for the first time after months and months of rehearsals. You hear the crowds cheering, you're so overwhelmed with happiness and sadness and excited feelings all at the same time that you don't really know how to feel, and you just want to do it all over again as the lights dim down and the curtain closes. I spend a lot of time, before a photo shoot, writing stories, themes and looking for inspiration. By the time I've selected a model, a team and a location, I'm practically bursting at the seams, excited and ready for this idea to come to life. On the day, I'm more nervous than I could imagine. Butterflies still flock to my stomach each time I have a shoot, despite it being close to second nature for me now. The shoot seems to fly by with no time at all and by the end of it all, I'm left feeling sad that I can't keep taking photos, happy with what I have captured and excited to go home and edit all the goodies and share them with the world.
The shoot that I'm sharing with you today is something that I've been saving for over a month. Now, keeping the previous description in mind, you can now imagine how hard it was for me to keep (most of these) hidden from you all for so long.

As always, a BIG thank you too all who were involved in making these photographs happen!

Dana Krasky was our beautiful model
Kate Fisher was our amazing stylist
The beautiful clothing was supplied by the lovely ladies at Her Pony 
Evelyn from The Nana Society made the gorgeous flower crowns and pom pom headbands
And a massive thanks to my better half, Paul for the amazing cupcakes and assisting on the day

I really had to cull the amount of photographs from the shoot to share on the blog today. If you want to see more photos form this, you can visit my facebook page and tumblr where the photo shoot will be posted later tonight.


  1. Hello! Oh my goodness! These are just superb. Everything has come together so well :D

  2. those photos are magic, i love them! i wish i also had such amazing photoshoot!
    i love your blog hun, i just followed you xx

  3. Oh, very great :) I love cactus and your pictures are amazing!

  4. I was so excited to see these shots after you posted that little sneak peek on your facebook! These are so gorgeous!
    The location is so amazing. If this is Geelong then I am super jealous

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like them! Haha it's the Geelong Botanical Gardens, it's very multicultural :)


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