January 3, 2014

Thoughts and Resolutions for the New Year

I spent bringing in the new year by working fifteen hours. I sold shoes all day and spent the last six hours bent over a sink washing dishes for three hundred people, in a kitchen overlooking the ocean in Lorne. It was hard work but rewarding. Just before midnight, we got given complimentary drinks from the bar and headed out to the balcony, leaving a very messy kitchen behind for a few moments as we saw the small fireworks signify then end of 2013 and the start of the new year.
I've been a bit quiet these past few months, mostly because I've been busy working but also because I truthfully needed the break. I'm battling through a phase of feeling uninspired which I feel is slowly but surely passing as the days tick by. I've been ditching my camera for my iPhone more and more and although I enjoy taking photographs with my phone, a part of me misses carrying my camera with me everywhere.

I've been feeling nostalgic (in an unhealthy way) for the past six months. Even though nostalgia can be wonderful, I'm finding myself getting lost in what is reality and what has been tainted by rose coloured glasses. I'm particularly nostalgic about a few certain moments of my life thus far. Decisions I've made, how things could be different now if I didn't make those decisions. The fact that high school is over and I will never have that experience again just freaks me out. This year I turn twenty and I leave my teenage years behind. It's weird to say out loud. A few years ago I was longing to be older. Twenty-four seems to be a golden age in my mind. You're old enough to own a house but you're still young enough to goof out. Now going into my twenties is just something I'm kind of dreading.

I truly want to leave my nostalgia for my adolescence behind when I turn twenty. It's almost crippling, constantly living in the past and I feel the moments that I'm experiencing now slipping away into the back of my memory, never to be dug up again. My best friend's mum told me to just shake it all off and she bent her knees and shook her hands while she bobbed up and down. We did it together and looked like idiots but it made me feel better. In my final year of high school, I explored what it meant to be a teenager through my art folio and an analysis of popular mental attributes associated to youths. I explored egocentrism, depression and anxiety, rebellion, imaginary audience and stereotypes. However, I feel now that I need to add an exploration into nostalgia to this list and this is going to be the focus of my work for the next year, my final year of adolescence.

I also have a few resolutions this year. Last year my only resolution was to do what makes me happy and not stick around for the things that don't. In some ways, I feel like I've achieved my resolution, but I still have a little way to go. This year I'm going to participate in a 365 photo challenge. I did one of these in 2009 which I really felt benefitted my technique and my ideas so I'm really looking forward to see what the next 365 photographs bring. My only rule is to take everything on my DSLR and I'll be posting weekly posts here and sharing on my facebook page and tumblr. I have a few other resolutions but they're more personal and to do with my health and fitness and in general how I feel about myself and view the world. My main goal is to run the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon in October but I'm planning on doing a few other fun runs before then.

I'm truly excited to share more experiences and photographs with you this year as I try to blog more regularly. Thanks for sticking around! Here's some pictures that make me feel wonderfully nostalgic (sources at the bottom of the post)

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