January 12, 2014

365: Week Two

Day 6: Paul got a new phone and still hasn't put it down. He's a little bit obsessed but it does so many cool things like being a universal remote for any TV and automatically merges contacts with the same name. It's also very, very pretty!

Day 7: As we were driving to see Frozen with some friends, the sun was setting and the colours and clouds were too amazing! I had to take a photograph. Frozen was amazing, if you're contemplating seeing it or not! It was one of the best Disney movies I've seen since their classics and I have the soundtrack on repeat because it's perfect in every way! Also it has an amazing girl power plot!

Day 8: I took my brother to see the Roger Federer & Friends charity match at Rod Laver Arena. We say Federer play in 2008 and I was so excited to see him again. He's one of my favourite players because he's always so gracious and respectful. He also just looks amazing while he plays. The tennis match was raising money for his foundation which educates boys and girls in South Africa. We raised over one million dollars which is crazy! The match was really entertaining and everyone was just there to have fun.

You can watch the whole match on youtube here! I'd definitely recommend it!

Day 9: Caitlin and I organised a photo shoot on Thursday night (which we were really supposed to do last year but oh well!) We frolicked around one of my favourite beaches ever! This is a small outtake from that shoot that I absolutely love! We were running around screaming 'SAY I'M A BIRD' from The Notebook because my bikini (which she is wearing in this photo) reminded us both of that movie. It's such a lovely moment.

Day 10: This is Paul making a silly face because he didn't want me to take a photograph of him. We worked in Lorne together cooking meals and washing dishes and we got home quite late. I realised I hadn't taken a photo that day so I quickly snapped this.

Day 11: I had the idea this week to take some photographs in a milk bath. I've seen some on the internet and it just looks so cool! So I tried it myself. I experimented with red food dye and the results were pretty awesome. I took three photographs and this is the last one. I'll share the other two sometime this week but for now there's this.

Day 12: This is the lovely Lisina. She is Paul's great aunt and we went to her 80th birthday today! It was a really lovely lunch and she is such a gorgeous woman! I asked to take some photographs of her and she was more than happy and told me to give her a 'sexy pose' for the photograph. I took a few photographs of her but I wanted to share these two as they are my favourites!

I'm off to Canberra this week and Merimbula the week after that so I'll have lots of content to post over the next couple of weeks (yay!) I'm going to have lots of internet access because I have university work to do while I'm away (boo!) but it means I can share updates with you as I go! :)


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