January 6, 2014

Drop By Drawing At The NGV

Yesterday I caught up with some lovely ladies who I met at Rookie day last year while Tavi Gevinson was in town!
We went to a Drop By Drawing session at the NGV where the super lovely Minna Gilligan was hosting a two hour drawing workshop. It was truly inspiring being in a beautiful big room with other people all drawing furiously on their little easels. We were surrounded by beautiful 17th century paintings that were larger than life. I absolutely adore classic portraiture and I'm always marvelling at the light in the pictures. Minna was such a gracious host who made everyone feel more than welcome! I sketched a few pictures, one of Natasha, a little caricature of Adele and I tired to emulate the lighting on some of the satin dresses but failed miserably.
After the drawing workshop, we wandered around the first half of the Melbourne Now exhibition which had some incredibly inspiring photography! A photographer literally threw hundreds of paper planes in and around the Latrobe Reading Room at the State Library and I'm still baffled about how he got permission to orchestrate it. My favourite part was the dance floor because I just loved the different lights and the way they flashed and the reflections on the ceiling and walls.

The blue dress in the bottom left paining was stunning! The way the artist used the paint made it feel like it was popping out of the frame. It was utterly amazing.
 Adele contour drawing
Camille's awesome rainbow pineapple!
My little caricature of Adele


  1. These are lovely, Carolyn! :-)

  2. Wow these are marvelous!! I'm especially in love with the 1st one and the one of Adele drawing.

  3. oh my, these are all just so amazing! I really love your blog, the pictures are awesome and I really love your view in some things...I love it! <3

  4. love the pics of tash- and my boots on that dance floor!


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