January 13, 2014

The Makery

At the end of last month I attended The Makery, a small little market curated by Oktoberdee owner, Lauren. It opened a couple of weeks before Christmas and featured so many beautiful and unique products. I interviewed a few people from the market for my journalism assignment. I was thinking of sharing it here but as it is a newspaper article it's a fairly dry read.
The market featured local Geelong and Surf Coast creatives who all design and/or create their amazing products. It was hosted at the Boom Gallery along the river. I'd never been there prior to the market and I was really impressed! The space was light and industrial, perfectly complimenting the products on offer. The onsite cafe catered delicious treats and fine wine.
My article focused on how the creative markets and businesses in Geelong are often overlooked by our bigger counterparts in Melbourne. The Makery showcased that across the bay, we are so lucky to have so many creative people doing what they love on a local level! The internet is making it so much easier to communicate and expand. I'm really looking forward to going to more local markets this year!
Also I big thank you to my gorgeous friend Evelyn for giving me a wealth of information for my little assignment and pointing me in all of the right directions!

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  1. omg all those vintage fabrics and my gosh! one of my friends is obsessed with teerariums <3



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