July 16, 2012

An Ode To Summer

I don't normally share things that inspire me, but this might be the first post of many to come. I'm a blog addict and Andrew & Carissa, a film maker and photographer, always produce such beautiful work, this video is no exception. They have a talent for bringing the feelings associated with memories gone by, back out into the open.

I'm longing for summer more than ever this year. Winter seems like an endless, cold tunnel, wind howling through it. Everything is bare, depressed limbs of trees sagging down. The summer is bright, fresh and anew. I'll be finished school by then, a freedom I've been longing for since the end of last year. The thought that no longer does my life have to be on hold, that I could literally do anything excites me from the hairs on my head to the tips of my toes. It fills me with hope, it's the only thing that keeps powering through me as I trudge to school each day.

I have so many exciting plans for the summer. Different photo shoots that I don't have time for now, adventures and catching up on everything that I've missed out on. This video evokes a need to re-visit my time at Mount Buffalo, when I was there on a school camp in the early days of November, 2009. I want to return to the blue lake, high up in the hills, nestled between rock faces. I want to camp with friends, take all day long hiking trips just to enjoy the views, the serenity and the peaceful nature of a quiet place. Staying up all night long and reminiscing about the past, where did the years go? I think I need time to reflect, to remember.

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  1. the days are so long and gloomy now that winter's here. i cannot wait for the summer sun to come out again. such a lovely video as well


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